Casual Camper Rules



Kia ora/Welcome, we trust you will enjoy your stay. Please adhere to our camp rules as follows.

EMERGENCIES: On hearing the Evacuation Air Horn, (3 blasts) please go to the Assembly Point at the Manager’s Camp Site. Do Not attempt to move any vehicles or collect personal items. Supervise Children during evacuation.

FIRST AID: There is a first aid kit & defibrillator at the Manager’s Camp Site. Please note that our managers are fully trained in first aid.

SAFETY RULES: Please note there is a Daily Hazard board located at shower & toilet block. The camp speed limit is 5kph. Watch for Children at all times. We have a ZERO drink driving tolerance.

LPG GAS BOTTLES: Check for leaks, turn off when not in use & keep spare bottles out of the sun. BOATIES Do not store fuel containers under hedges etc & do not refuel boats in the camp.

GENERAL RULES: We operate a family friendly camp. All children must be supervised at all times, including in the shower & toilets. Noise to be kept to a minimum. Generators may be used only between 10.00am & 2.00pm.

ANIMALS: Dogs must be held on a leash at all times & owners must remove droppings. NO cats allowed in camp.

WATER: We have limited water supply, so please keep showers short, do not wash vehicles or fill holding tanks.

RUBBISH: All rubbish & recycling to be placed in bins by public toilets.

EFFLUENT DISPOSAL: Do NOT Empty toilet waste in the camp toilets. There is an effluent disposal site across the river by public toilets.

DRONES: Are forbidden within the camp

USE OF MEMBERS CAMP SITES: All casuals must take care not to damage or interfere in anyway with any members caravans & property. Must leave site clean & tidy.