Members Section

This page links through to a password protected shared OneDrive folder that contains the below content. To access this folder please enter the password shared with all paid members at the start of the season. If you have forgotten the password please contact the Secretary: .

The Management Committee is elected at the AGM and meets a minimum of four times a year. As the AGM is held in February or March and reflects what has happened in the previous year the minutes have been organised in the same way. This means the first minutes of the year are always from the the committee prior to the AGM and those following are from the new committee. All members are welcome to attend the open portion of the meeting. Please contact the Secretary for dates. The in-committee minutes are held by the President.

The camp's financial year runs from Janurary to December, every quarter the Committee generates a financial report of income and expenditure. This report is sent to the Ashburton District Council as part of the lease conditions and is available for our members in this secure folder.

A copy of the current Members rules can be found in the secure folder.